Amnesty Mode

On certain occasions, a library may set an 'amnesty' period to forgive fines on books returned during a specified time period. In order to save time manually forgiving these fines, you may use the Amnesty Mode option during the checkin process.


  1. In the Evergreen Staff Client, click Circulation > Check In Items.
  2. On the bottom-right corner of the screen, click Checkin Modifiers > Amnesty Mode / Forgive Fines.
  3. Check books in (you will see messages indicating if overdue fines have been removed from the items).
  4. Remember to uncheck Checkin Modifiers > Amnesty Mode / Forgive Fines when you wish to return to normal checkin.


When you check in items in while Amnesty Mode is turned on, the fines are voided (not forgiven) so they will no longer show up on the patron accounts. If you need to find out how many fines were voided during this time period, you will need to run a report. (Please submit a Help Desk ticket if you require assistance.)