2001 PINES Annual Membership Meeting


PINES Users Group Meeting

Newton County Library, Covington Georgia
May 9, 2001
1:00 PM

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Minutes approved 5/30/2002

Committee members attending: Barbara Hutsell, Chair, Alan Kaye, Vice-Chair Chair Elect, Steve Schaefer, Michael P. Dugan, Judith Golden, Walter Murphy, Kathie Ames, Charles Schmidt & Charles Gee

PINES staff attending: Erik Lewis, David Singleton, Dr. Lois Upham and Julie Walker
Also Present:  Other PINES Library Directors and staff members from across the state

Ms. Barbara Hutsell, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:22 PM.  Ms. Hutsell also, extended greetings to the PINES Library local staff present.

Mr. Greg Heid, Director of the Newton County Library issued a brief welcome to the PINES library representatives in attendance.

The question was raised, if there was the required two-thirds of PINES member libraries in attendance that would be required for vote on the change to the by-laws. There was a brief discussion, but no action was taken.

The minutes of the last PINES User-Group meeting were presented and the committee was asked to read and note any errors to the chair.   A motion from the floor was made to accept the minutes as presented. Mr. Kaye seconded the motion. The vote was called, and the motion passed.

Mr. Singleton pointed out to the group that included with the meeting packet was a new PINES library map.  The map shows both phases I and II libraries and their addresses.  It was noted that the PINES Executive Committee voted Piedmont Regional Library and Conyers-Rockdale Library System into the PINES project that morning; both are in the “future participant” category.

Also included in the meeting packet were a revised participation agreement, subcommittee list, list of members, constitution and proposed by-laws.

It was noted that filing to register the PINES logo as a trademark was being investigated.  Progress will be reported at a future meeting.

Staff Reports:

Mr. Singleton introduced Ms. Ann Fulmer, SIRSI Project Coordinator for Georgia.  Ms. Fulmer reviewed the progress of the PINES Project.  Ms. Fulmer reviewed possible future changes, enhancements  and updates to the PINES system..

Mr. Singleton distributed an Installation Schedule for PINES Phase II Libraries.  It was noted that the installation was ahead of schedule.  KPMG, the project primary contractor, will follow up to make sure the installations are completed properly.

Mr. Singleton reported that the Phase II library systems that were required to re-barcode had received their supply of barcodes and were in the process of scheduling time to close and re-barcode.  After it was discovered that part of one system’s barcodes were not sent, a new set was produced and sent out within 24 hours.

Mr. Singleton noted that the “smart barcodes” that were produced include the data from the prior circulation system.  This additional information is hoped to speed matches on the shelf.

Mr. Singleton next distributed a training schedule for the PINES Phase II libraries.  Phase II libraries were encouraged to schedule staff, as soon as possible.

Mr. Singleton announced that there would be refresher course for PINES Phase I libraries.  The course will include new information on running circulation reports and an overview of the 2001 PINES update.  The Phase I libraries will be contacted with dates.

Mr. Singleton announced that some PINES Phase II libraries were going ahead with patron registration before Circulation Training.  These libraries have received instruction on proper procedures. No problems are expected.

Mr. Singleton gave the committee the cataloguing and circulation Go Live dates for PINES II libraries.  The dates appear to be firm and no delays expected.

Mr. Singleton reported that during the Labor Day holiday the Phase I and II databases would be merged.  He suggested that the libraries to close Saturday, Sunday and Monday the entire holiday weekend.  The entire PINES system would be down.

Mr. Singleton announced that OPLS had decided not to install the currently available SIRSI/PINES 2000 update.  The staff felt that the 2000 update was not acceptable due to software problems.

PINES will go straight to the SIRSI/PINES 2001 update.  The staff felt that it was a better product and included many of the enhancements requested by PINES libraries.

Dr. Lois Upham announced that Ms. Bin Lin had accepted the position of PINES cataloguing supervisor.  Ms. Lin had worked for SOLNET before coming to PINES.  She had also had taught PINES Phase I cataloguing classes.

Mr. Singleton stated that another PINES position had been offered, but the job applicant had declined the job offer.  In addition, it was stated that the current State of Georgia job freeze should not affect filling the position in the future.  (Note that this turned out not to be true, unless job offers were already made for the positions at the time that the freeze took effect.)

Vote on change in PINES By-Laws and elect PINES Executive Committee members

The question was again raised if two thirds of the PINES membership was present to vote on a change to the by-laws.

The chair conducted a count of the membership by comparing the membership roll to those libraries have representation at the meeting. The vote was found to be one short of the required 2/3.

The question was then raised could libraries not present be contacted by telephone.  Mr. Greg Heid, Director of the Newton County Library System, as host offered use of phones to contact non-attendee libraries. It was determined by review of the by-laws that phone polling was not permitted.

Mrs. Judy Golden made the motion that the proposed change to the PINES by-laws and the election of officers be conducted by mail. Mr. Schaefer seconded motion.  The motion was amended to say that Mr. Singleton would receive and count the votes.  The vote was called and the motion was approved.

It was discussed that the membership list used to determine the number needed for the 2/3 membership present had included Twin Lakes Regional Library System, which would not officially exist until July 1, 2001.

The Chair and Mr. Singleton reviewed the constitution and by-laws in light of Twin Lakes Regional Library System not existing until July 1, 2001.  The Chair declared that the number needed for 2/3 of the membership present was 29 libraries present, not 30 as prior stated.  29 member libraries were present.

The vote on the change in the PINES By-Laws was called. The membership voted 28 to 1 to approve the amended by-laws.  The motion to approve did not pass, because two-thirds of the membership did not approve the change.

Mr. Schaefer made the motion that the staff mail out the proposed change in the by-laws to the full PINES membership and conduct a count.  The staff was instructed following the vote on the proposed by-laws to receive by e-mail from member libraries any additions to the slate of candidates and then conduct the election by mail.  Mrs. Golden seconded the motion.  The vote was called.  The vote was 29 ayes and 0 nays.  The motion passed.

Old Business

    Julie Walker was asked if there were sub-committee reports.  She stated that there were none.

    David Singleton reported that it was discussed that PINES would not install the Acquisitions or the Serials modules at this time.  The staff still feels that the two modules lacked needed updates to cleanly function with the other PINES modules.
    The “Talk-to-Me Module” is not yet installed.  It will be installed at a future date.

    SIRSI has proposed the addition to PINES a software package called i-Bistro.  The software allows topics to be highlighted and then by a keystroke to access other sites on the Internet that give additional information on the topic.  Concern was expressed that it would allow too open an access to Internet by a backdoor.  The underage patron blocked out of accessing the Internet would gain access by this route.

    Dr. Lois Upham reported that both the PINES phase I and II databases were to be merged, loaded into PINES, and indexed over the Labor Day weekend holiday.  Libraries were encouraged to close the entire weekend since PINES would be unavailable.  It was also reported that PINES holdings were being extracted and sent to OCLC so that holdings could be set in WorldCat.

Ms. Susan Stewart of Hall County Library asked, if she could access OCLC as a PINES Library without charge.  Dr. Upham stated that all PINES libraries could access OCLC under the State’s contract.

A member library asked about type of membership PINES had in OCLC.  Dr. Upham stated that PINES was a full member and had all member privileges.

A member library representative asked about PINES status within the SIRSI Unicorn Users Group.  Ms. Fulmer reported that PINES was a member, but each PINES library systems were not members.

A member library asked how PINES compares in size to other Unicorn User Group members.  PINES as a member is large in terms of the number of libraries, but has only one vote in the Unicorn Users Group.

Ms. Fulmer invited any libraries interested to attend the next scheduled user group meeting in Huntsville next year.

New Business

    The staff is looking at a new standalone software solution.  This is following the problems during past outages.

    The staff is looking at a major solution to reduce system problems.  The PINES servers will be moved to Georgia State University (GSU) Computer Center.  The GSU computer center is manned seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.  The move will allow more monitoring of the system.
Mrs. Charlotte Rogers of Jefferson County Library, asked about overdues and possible use of a collection agency.  Mr. Singleton reported at the state was looking at the possible use of a collection agency and that each PINES library could take part or not, as they choose.

Mrs. Rogers asked if the barcode could be added to the overdue.  Mr. Lewis reported that it could be added to the third notice, but not the first two.

Mrs. Judy Golden stated that this was her last meeting as a committee member; she commended the current PINES Executive Committee and staff on their long hours of hard work.  She then extended best wishes to the current and new members that will continue.

Next User Group Meeting

The next PINES user group meeting will occur in May of 2002.  The actual day will be set later.


    There was a motion to adjourn from the floor.  It was seconded en masse by the Executive Committee.  The vote was called.  The vote was unanimous to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned.