2003 PINES Annual Membership Meeting


May 29, 2003
Rock Eagle 4 H Camp


Meeting Minutes (original)

Minutes approved 5/19/2004

Chairperson Diana Tope called the annual meeting of the Georgia Library PINES membership to order at 1:15 PM.

Chairperson Tope requested a roll call of the voting representative of the member library system. Thirty-four (34) of 44 member library systems were present.

Minutes of Annual Membership Meeting of May 30, 2002, were approved as corrected. In the paragraph beginning with Jim Cooper, 2nd page, last sentence...revise to  "As it was clear that the membership was sharply divided, the Chair called for the vote by show of hands.  The motion passed."  Dusty Gres said that Robert's rules states that numbers of votes are not to be recorded in the minutes unless it is a roll call vote.

PINES staff reports

Julie Walker introduced PINES staff.  Elizabeth de Garcia demonstrated training web page that lists all PINES Training opportunities and allows library staff to register online. Brad LaJeunesse and Jason Etheridge demonstrated a new web-based reporting system.  The new reports system duplicates some reports available in WorkFlows but also makes available reports not possible through the Sirsi infrastructure. Reports also run in a fraction of the time it takes a WorkFlows report to be completed. Julie Walker presented an overdue report that listed the total amount of overdues in each of the regional library systems and noted that the percentage PINES-wide remains low compared to the national average.   Julie also reported on the Sirsi Conference and the meeting with Sirsi senior staff.  Developments in serials and acquisitions are on the horizon but still several years away.

David Singleton reported on the PINES budget and reviewed FY 2004 Budget Request for PINES handout. State funding for PINES remains low.

The election results for new members elected to the Executive Committee were announced. Representing the large library, Steve Schaefer; medium library, Dusty Gres; small library, Lyn Hopper.  As Chair-elect, Greg Heid will become Chair at end of this meeting.  Other officers will be elected at the next Executive Committee meeting.

The results of the voting on the revised By-Laws were reported by Chairperson Tope.  An amendment to the PINES by-laws, Section V, #4 that was proposed by some PINES members, was posted on the list serve as a petition.  One third of the PINES member libraries did not "sign the petition", therefore this proposed revision was not included in the revision of the by-laws subsequently presented to the PINES membership.  These voting results were made available for anyone interested.  The revision of the PINES by-laws, as proposed by the By-Laws committee, was sent to all PINES members as a ballot. It passed.  The voting results were made available to all PINES members.

There was no old business.

Subcommittee nominations as written & reviewed as were approved by Executive Board this morning.  Julie Walker requested additional nominations from the floor. 

Acceptable identification requirements for a PINES library card were discussed.  Gred Heid made the motion that PINES policy require a photo ID with the current address, or photo ID and a piece with current address, or two pieces of identification from current list of acceptable choices which include a current address.  Alan Kaye seconded motion. The motion passed.  The new policy will become effective July 1, 2003.

Chairperson Tope adjourned the meeting at 2:45 PM.

Submitted by Deborah S. Manget, Secretary