Cataloging Policies and Procedures

The PINES Cataloging Manual

The PINES cataloging manual is divided into two parts. The first part is designed to answer questions arising around PINES cataloging policy and will guide you in copy and original cataloging to PINES standards. Among the policy topics covered are guidelines for creating K-level records PINES, database maintenance and outsourcing policies and procedures. For this part, follow the link below for the PINES cataloging polices.pdf

The second part of the cataloging manual deals directly with cataloging in Evergreen and should answer your questions concerning things such as how to setup and start Evergreen, how to search, add volumes and copies and edit title records. This part of the manual is the nuts and bolts of how to navigate Evergreen with PINES policies and procedures in mind. For this part, follow the link below for the PINES cataloging with Evergreen.pdf.

The Cataloging Policies and Procedures manuals are in PDF format.  Efforts are underway to format it into a searchable and navigable web document.  Please check back for updates.

See also: PINES Cataloging FAQ

For a list of circulation modifiers and their circulation rules, see: Circulation Modifiers