Library Hours and Closed Dates

There are two locations within the Evergreen client to control which days that the system sees a library as being closed - the Hours of Operation settings and the Closed Dates Editor. These are important for each library system to set and maintain because any day that the library is marked is closed will not generate fines for the library's patrons and the library's books will not be targeted for holds.

A note regarding fines: The fines generator script runs at 12:30 am each morning to process that day's overdue fines. Because of this, if a library marks a day as closed during the day due to an emergency, the fines will still appear for the day because the fines generator script has already run. If you need assistance in retroactively voiding fines for the day, please enter a Help Desk ticket with the details.

How to Set Library Hours

If your library changes which days of the week it is open, enter a Help Desk ticket and the PINES staff will update this setting for you.

How to Set Library Closed Dates

Please note - a 'Closed Date' should only be used for days that the library is entirely closed and overdue fines should not be applied.

  1. Log in as a Local Admin.
  2. Click on Admin > Local Administration > Closed Dates Editor.
  3. Select the relevant library location from the drop-down list.
  4. At the bottom of the page, click on one of the options: Add Single Day Closing or Add Multiple Date Closing. (The third option, Add Detailed Closing, requires you to enter additional information regarding hours that is not currently used by PINES, so is unnecessarily complex.)
  5. A small form will open - fill out the details. You may check the 'Apply to all of my libraries' box to close all branches in your library system at once.
  6. Click the Save button.

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