GPLS Courier - Delivery Service Information





STAT Courier Labels for Public Libraries



Courier Service Between Public and University Libraries

Georgia's public libraries and state university libraries utilize a courier service that includes interlibrary loan deliveries within the state.



STAT Claim Form for Public Libraries

If an item is damaged during transit from one library system to another, fill out this form and submit it to the Help Desk as soon as possible upon discovering the damage.

(The PINES contract with STAT only covers deliveries between library systems, from headquarters to headquarters. If your library system has an additional contract with STAT to deliver from branch to branch within the system, then any claim for an item damaged during one of those transits should go directly to STAT.)



Frequently Asked Questions

What if we get low on green mailing bags?

When you get low on green mailing bags, put in a Help Desk ticket and the PINES staff will have more sent to your branch from the courier's Atlanta warehouse.

If your library has more bags than you need, please send them to the Atlanta Warehouse, Attn: Brian Clingen.

What format should we use for mailing labels?

Please remember to address all packages delivered via STAT Courier using the following format:

Policy name
Library name
Regional System Name
Regional System Address/City
STAT Code -- Please Note -- Some libraries use STAT for local service. Please use the individual STAT code for these libraries.

How can I add the mailing labels URL to my desktop?

If you would like to add this URL to your desktop for easy access to updates, this can be done by right clicking on your desktop. Select NEW and then SHORTCUT. When prompted for the location of the item, enter the URL:

Shouldn't the driver come at the same time each day?

We should allow a 2 hour window for service times. That may mean that the driver arrives sometime between 3pm-5pm for a given library. If you find that your driver's arrival times fall outside a two hour window on a regular basis, please report this to us at

Which label stock is used for these labels?

Avery 5162 was used in creating the PINES Delivery Service Labels -- Selected Libraries report. If your library prefers to use some other label stock, you can use the label wizard to create your own. Please be sure to include the required elements on the label as described above.

What is the most recent version of the delivery service mailing labels?

The link to the database is found on the resources page of and will always contain the latest version of labels. When address updates are made, the name of the table and the report will be changed to reflect when updates have been made. As regional systems add service to their branches, it will be critical for all of us to use a current copy of mailing labels.

What return address do we use?

Please use the PINES Delivery Service mailing labels database address for your library so that any undeliverable items can be returned to the appropriate location if needed.

Do we still have to wrap and secure items?

Please continue to prepare your IntraPINES loans by packaging and protecting items appropriately, including a return address on your packages and securing the zipper on the PINES mailing bags.

Is it ok for us to put all items going to various branches within a library system in the same package? Or do we need to put each library's transit items in their own package?

Please put each library's items in their own package. Putting everything into one package would mean a lot more work for the HQ libraries. The HQ libraries would have open packages, figure out what books go to a particular branch/location and then package and address them again to send to the other libraries in their region.