December 2011 Executive Committee Meeting


Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2011; 1 pm

National Archives, 5780 Jonesboro Road, Morrow, GA 30260


I. Call to OrderBarry Reese

Chair Barry Reese called meeting to order.   Members present were Dusty Gres, Laura Harrison, Anne Isbell, Linda Keane, Barry Reese, Susan Sexton-Cooley, Jean Turn, and Carrie Zeiger.  Member Sandy Hester was absent.  PINES/GPLS staff present: Lamar Veatch, Julie Walker, Elizabeth McKinney, Chris Sharp, Alan Harkness and Elaine Hardy.  Several representatives from member libraries were also in attendance.

II. Welcome                  Barry Reese

Barry Reese welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending and participating.

III. Approval of September 15, 2011 Meeting Minutes Barry Reese

Elizabeth McKinney noted that under PINES staff reports “inter” s.b. “intra”.  Dusty Gres moved that the September, 2011 minutes be approved as corrected.  The motion was seconded and passed.

III. PINES Staff ReportsElizabeth McKinney

Budget – Elizabeth McKinney presented the YTD state and LSTA FY 2012 budget/expenditures.  The figures did not include the encumbrance for the contract with Equinox.  All development, including acquisitions has been stopped except for emergency cases.  $22,000 will be reserved for emergency development resulting from the upgrade.  Bulk of the money has been spent on the bucket project and Equinox services.

Staffing- Elizabeth McKinney - Two system administrator positions are being advertised.  PINES will pay for one, GPLS-IT the other.

Statistical Reports – Elizabeth McKinney-IntraPINES loans will exceed 800,000.  Overdue reports were also presented.

Results from Database Cleanup – Elaine Hardy.  Reports have been sent out.  Items can be cleaned up on system-by-system basis.  The reports can also be used to develop weeding reports.

Upgrade – Chris Sharp-Dec. 16 is target to make sure everything is ready to be tested.  Modules already being tested.  Due to the size of the database, resolved bills older than two years old will be archived and moved to an archival table.  This will reduce the upgrade time.  The archive can be accessed through the help desk.  There is an e-mail list and several forums to support this testing process.

Training – Chris Sharp – Jay Turner will set up WebEx training sessions on cataloging, circulation, OPAC, etc.  They should be available the first full week of January.  The sessions will be refresher courses rather than ground up training.

New Features  - Elaine Hardy – Searching results should be much more relevant and will display about four holdings.  Refining search fields will not cause the search to be relaunched.  They are delaying implementation on several items until further testing and consultation is completed.

New Features- Chris Sharp – Improved toolbars, “work log”, improved interfaces, patron “group” management easier, ability to “un-cancel” holds, staff’s initials required for staff-entered notes, ability to pull holds list by copy location, new copy template creator/editor interface, “Patrons with negative balances” interface,  if a patron checks out an item that they have requested for a hold, the system will consider the hold request to be filled by that checkout (if the hold is on the same title).  Other new features will require amendments to the current PINES Policy. 

Acquisitions-  Elaine Hardy – Still being tested.  There are problems with permissions and EDI functionality must be tested.  Elaine anticipates this will be completed by the end of this week or next week.

Timeline – Chris Sharp – Testing starts week of 12/5.  Go live week of 1/16. Webex training first two weeks in January.  The database upload process will take 60 hours.

IV. Executive Committee Action Items

1. Proposal for adding formats to outsourced cataloging.    

Susan Sexton-Cooley moved that additional formats be added for outsourcing cataloging, including but not limited to e-books, audio – including playaways, and video – including streaming videos.  The motion was seconded and approved.

2. Do we want to implement longoverdue as it is written in PINES policy after we upgrade to 2.1 in January?    

As per previous Executive Committee approvals, the current policy is to have items converted to longoverdue at 180 days. It was also voted for this to be a PINES wide policy.

The upgrade will convert items to longoverdue and add the billing.  Following discussion, no action taken.

3.  Should we add the patron library card number to email notifications? 

The subcommittee’s recommendation: Do not add the library card number.  They also recommended that “Do not reply to this email” or something similar be added to email notifications.  Dusty Gres moved to accept both recommendations from the subcommittee.  The motion was seconded and approved.

V. Executive Committee Discussion Items

Smartphone App for Patron Cards with image authentication feature:  Elizabeth McKinney contacted several developers.  They estimated the app would cost $30-$40,000 to develop.  The Evergreen community has a great deal of interest in such an app but no one is working on it.

PINES Bag Purchase –Payment for bags has been received from all but thirteen library systems.  As soon as all payments are in, the bags will be ordered.

VI. Old Business- Elizabeth McKinney

Lee County Policy Name Electronic Vote –was approved by executive committee

VII. New Business – 

Barry Reese was approached about forming a subcommittee to discuss the compatibility of RFID with PINES – The upgrade should improve compatibility.

Athens, Rodenberry, Uncle Remus, East Central are interested in participating in an RFID subcommittee

Dusty Gres-automatic password reset goes back to last four digits of telephone number, every time.  The only way to choose another number is to delete the field and manually type in the new number.   If the password does not automatically reset to a random number, it will eventually become a security issue.  Chris Sharp will put in a bug report.

VIII. Next Meeting  

March 2, 2012 in Milledgeville 10am-12pm.

IX. Adjournment

Susan Sexton-Cooley moved the meeting be adjourned.  Seconded and passed.