March 2012 Executive Committee Meeting


Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2012; 10am-12pm

Twin Lakes Regional Library; Milledgeville GA


I.Call to OrderBarry Reese, Chair

Chair Barry Reese called meeting to order.   Members present were Dusty Gres, Laura Harrison, Sandy Hester, Anne Isbell, Linda Kean, Barry Reese, Jean Turn, and Carrie Zeiger.  PINES/GPLS staff present: Elizabeth McKinney, Chris Sharp, Elaine Hardy and Dawn Dale.  Several representatives from member libraries were also in attendance.

II.WelcomeBarry Reese

Barry Reese welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending and participating.

III.Approval of December 7, 2011 Meeting Minutes Barry Reese 

Carrie Zeiger moved that the December 7, 2011 minutes be approved with the following changes: Executive Action Item 2 – change third sentence from “upgrade will convert” to “upgrade will allow us to convert”.  Correct spelling of Linda Kean’s name. The motion was seconded and passed.

III.PINES Staff ReportsElizabeth McKinney

  • Budget – Nothing has changed from December’s report.  Budgeted funds will be completely expended by end of year.  Still waiting on FY 12 reduction amounts.
  • Staffing – Daniel Zeiger has been hired and is dividing his work between IT and PINES.  Currently in the process of hiring someone for the Admin I position.  Other open positions are on hold.  Funds budgeted for the open positions are being used to supplement the PINES operating budget. 
  • Bucket project - Almost complete.  They have developed a bucket exit strategy going through June, 2012.  Support structure is evolving.  Bugs will be handled within the Evergreen community.
  • Upgrade Update – More than 500 tickets categorized into 29 global tickets have been submitted since the upgrade.  Upgrade was successful administratively and technically.  Helpdesk support also went well.  Library staff experience was only fair and very frustrating.  Patron experience was not the best.  Many patron complaints about how the new OPAC looks.  Lessons learned: test, test, test, as well as the need for testing check lists and testing sign off sheets.
  • PINES annual meeting is in May in Peachtree City in conjunction with the directors’ meeting.
  • Statistical Reports – Overdue Materials and IntraPINES Loans reports were distributed.
  • Elaine Hardy will head the Governor’s mansion cataloging project.  The collection contains 2-3,000 items mainly by or about Georgians.  It will be a stand-alone Evergreen operation.  Lamar is seeking funding to finance the project.
  • Elaine Hardy announced that an update to the authority file is coming.

IV.Executive Committee Action Items – Elizabeth McKinney

  • AI1. Request to Reduce the Number of Holds Allowable Per User.  Dusty moved to leave the maximum number of holds per user at 50.  The motion was seconded and passed.  Anne Isbell moved that individual patron abuse of general PINES policies may be addressed at the local level by the system director.  The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI2.  Patron Record Merging –Anne Isbell moved that the patron record merging function be activated.  The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI2a. Depending on Workflow of Merging Patrons:  Dusty Gres moved that when patron records are merged, all history on all merged records be retained.  The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI3.  Patron Account Deletion –  At Elizabeth McKinney’s recommendation, Sandy Hester moved that  any complete deletion will be done through a PINES helpdesk ticket.  The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI4.  Invalid Patron Addresses – Dusty Gres questioned whether any invalid address would cause a block if there is more than one address.  PINES staff was unable to answer definitively.  Dusty moved that AI4 be tabled until more testing is accomplished.  The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI5.  Claims Never Checked Out.  Anne Isbell moved that this option not be allowed.  The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI6.  Checkout Auto-Renew – Dusty Gres move we retain current renewal option.  The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI7.  Charge Default Item Price for Lost Items Set to $0.00.  Anne Isbell moved that when an item price is set at $0.00, a patron will be charged $25.01, in addition to any service fee, if the item is lost.  The motion was seconded and passed.  
  • AI8.  Show Billing Tab First When Bills Are Present – Sandy Hester moved to leave at reverted behavior, i.e. check-out tab comes up first regardless of bills.  The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI9. Credit Card Processing: Authorize Net/PayPal/PayflowPro Settings.  More testing is needed per Elizabeth.  Jean Turn moved that AI9 be tabled until May. The motion was seconded and passed.
  • AI10. Holds: Has Local Copy Alert or Block.  Anne Isbell moved we implement the alert but not the block if a patron tries to put a hold on an item that is on the shelf of the patron’s local branch. The motion was seconded and passed.

Elizabeth McKinney asked if any of the preceding following Action Items need to be prioritized.  Carrie Zeiger recommended AI10 to be top priority for implementation.  Dusty Gres recommended patron record merging for second priority.

Dusty Gres moved AI11 – AI17 be tabled until the May, 2012 meeting.  The motion was seconded and approved:

  • AI11. Circ: Cap Max Fine at Item Price
  • AI12. Claim Return Copy Status or Claim Return: Mark Copy as Missing
  • AI13. Default Circulation Modifier; Default Copy Location
  • AI14. Hold Shelf Status Delay
  • AI15. Holds: Behind Desk Pickup Supported
  • AI16. Holds: Bypass Hold Capture During Clear Shelf Process
  • AI17.  Missing Pieces Feature
  • AI17a.  Circulation: Item Status for Missing Pieces

V.Executive Committee Discussion Items

  • Elaine Hardy presented GADD’s proposal to put e-book and audio books into the PINES catalog.  Elizabeth recommended making this the standard for any e-book or audio book.  It calls for provider neutral records - one record with multiple links.  Anne Isbell moved that GADD may proceed according to its proposal. The motion was seconded and passed.
  • PINES Bag Purchase - Dawn Dale announced that the new shipment of bags will arrive Monday.  Dawn will begin sending them out Tuesday.  Additional purchases will be discussed at the annual meeting.
  • Dawn stated that she will send information on the spring library card and barcode order soon.

VI.Old Business

  • Auto Password Reset – Chris Sharp will test this and make sure it’s resetting to a random number.
  • RFID – Elizabeth McKinney stated that the group now needs to convene to help with compatibility of RFID and PINES.  Because some issues are SIP related it had been prudent to wait until after the upgrade.

VII.New Business


VIII.Next Meeting 

May 9, 2012 with directors meeting, both executive committee and PINES annual meetings.


Anne Isbell moved the meeting be adjourned.  Seconded and passed.