Meanings of Common Item Statuses


The item is on the shelf and available for check out.

Checked Out

The item is checked out to a patron. This status does not indicate whether or not the item is overdue.

Claims Returned

The owning library and the patron are unable to agree on the location of the disputed item. See Claims Returned for detailed information. (Note: Claims Returned is not actually an item status, but it is included here for clarity. When an item is marked as Claims Returned, the item status remains Checked Out, but the Stop Fines Reason shows Claims Returned.)


The item has been damaged. See Damaged Items for detailed information.

In Process

A new item has been purchased by a library but is not yet available for checkout.

In Transit

The item is being shipped from one library location to another. This status is automatically assigned by the system. When an item arrives at its destination, a library staff member checks it in, which removes it from the In Transit status. If an item is in the In Transit status but does not arrive and cannot be located at either the sending or receiving library, the status can be manually changed to Missing. See Clearing Items in Transit for more information.

Long Overdue
As of October 15, 2014:

This is an automated process that marks items Long Overdue if they have been overdue for more than 180 days. See Long Overdue Items for more information.


A patron has lost an item. See Lost Items for detailed information.


If an item should be available on the shelves but cannot be found, a library staff member may change its status to Missing (from the Item Status screen, press Actions for Selected Items > Mark Item Missing). The item will still be visible in the staff client, but will not be listed in the public catalog and will not be targeted for holds.

On Holds Shelf

The item has been placed on a library's Holds Shelf and is ready for pick up by the patron it is on hold for at the patron's desired pickup location.