Reimbursals Between Libraries for Lost, Long Overdue, and Damaged Items

The PINES Policy related to money owed between libraries for payments on lost, long overdue, and damaged items was changed by the PINES Executive Committee at the September 2016 PINES Executive Committee Meeting. The current policy reads as follow:

"Payments for lost, damaged, or long overdue materials (along with any associated processing fees) will be retained by the collecting library unless the owning library sends an invoice for payment reimbursal to the collecting library within 90 days of the payment date [2016.09]."

Please send the invoices to the Headquarters Library for each system.



Patron Jane Doe lost an item belonging to Smith Library, but pays for it at Johnson Library. The Johnson Library staff who accepts the payment does not need to flag it or take any additional action. The Smith Library staff runs a periodic report to identify payments that have been made on their lost/long overdue/damaged items at other libraries, and sees the payment that Jane Doe made. The Smith Library then creates and sends an invoice for reimbursal to the Johnson Library, and the Johnson Library remits payment.


Alternate scenario 1: The Smith Library sees that the payment was only a partial payment of 20 cents, and chooses not to send an invoice because it would cost more in staff time than they could retrieve.


Alternate scenario 2: The Smith Library outsources its accounting and business services, and determines that it is not cost effective for them to investigate and pursue potential reimbursals, and chooses not to spend the time doing this.


PINES Quick Reports

The following Quick Reports are available to assist you in identifying payments that your library may request reimbursal for. Each line item on the resulting report must be investigated to determine the actual reimbursal amount, because the report is unable to determine partial payments, payments covering multiple bills, and payments that have already been refunded. There are two reports because payments related to the damaged bills that are added manually (as 'grocery' bills) after an item has already been returned will not appear on the standard report.


  • PINES Quick Reports > Quick Report Templates > Bills > Money Owed: Invoice Report for Lost, Long Overdue, and Damaged Materials (Circ)
  • PINES Quick Reports > Quick Report Templates > Bills > Money Owed: Invoice Report for Damaged Materials (Grocery)


Sample Invoice

You may use the attached invoice below, or you may use your own library's standard invoice format as long as the following information is included:

  • Bill Number
  • Type of Bill (Lost, Long Overdue, Damaged)
  • Payment Date
  • Patron Barcode
  • Patron Name
  • Item Barcode
  • Item Title

(When sending payment for an invoice, a copy of the invoice should be included with the payment.)