Link OPAC Holdings to Library Web Pages

Beginning with PINES version 2.5, you may now turn your library's name into an active link on the item details pages in the OPAC.


See a short video tutorial.


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Log into the Evergreen Staff Client as a Local Administrator.
  2. Click Admin > Local Administration > Library Settings Editor.
  3. Choose one of your branches.
  4. Filter the settings by the word "url."
  5. Edit the setting for "Library Information URL."
  6. Enter the URL (web address beginning with http:// ) to the web page you wish to link. This could be your library system's home page, or it could be a specific page on your library's site that has information for that branch.
  7. Click "Update Setting."
  8. To test, switch to your web browser and go to
  9. Search for an item that you know the pertinent library owns.
  10. Open the item details page and look at the holdings.
  11. Your branch's name should now be an active link. Click on it to test.


If you require any assistance, please contact the Help Desk.