Long Overdue Items

Items which are overdue for longer than six months (181 days or more) are automatically processed as Long Overdue. This automated process does not affect items on accounts that are flagged as in Collections, items that are flagged as Lost, or items that are flagged as Claims Returned.

When an item is processed as Long Overdue, overdue fines are voided and the price of the item (as well as the owning library's processing fee, if any) is charged to the patron's account.

When a Long Overdue item is returned, staff should investigate the item to determine what follow-up actions should be taken (see 'Staff Workflows for Long Overdue Processing in PINES,' below).


Staff Workflows for Long Overdue Processing in PINES
Instructions for setting the Long Overdue processing fee, and checking in Long Overdue items.


How Long Overdue Processing Works
Explains what happens in the system when the Long Overdue process runs.


Long Overdue Items Report
Report template at: Shared Folders > Templates > ddale > Helpdesk Request > Collection Maintenance > Lost or Long Overdue and Paid Item List


Payment for Long Overdue Items

If a Long Overdue item is paid for at a different library than the owning library, the payment amount may be kept by the payment library unless the owning library sends an invoice for reimbursal within 90 days.