Scanning Barcodes from Mobile Devices

PINES libraries allow patrons to present scannable electronic facsimiles of barcodes stored within specialized apps (such as Key Ring or CardStar, both of which are available for iPhone and Android) on hand-held devices in place of their physical library card. (Note: a photograph of a barcode is not sufficient.)

When a patron presents a barcode on a hand-held device, library staff will scan the barcode as if it were a physical card. Some libraries are using older barcode scanners that cannot read the barcode off of the device screen - in these cases, library staff will type in the barcode. (See Barcode Scanners for a list of scanners that will and will not reliably scan barcodes from mobile devices.)

After retrieving the patron account, staff should ask the patron to verify their identity by confirming a piece of information on their account (such as name, phone number, email address, or date of birth).