Removing Items from Patron Records with Uncollectable Debt

If your library has items that have been marked as Checked Out since before the Long Overdue status was implemented, and you wish to remove the items from the accounts without adding new fines and fees (particularly in the case of circulations older than 6 years, which are considered uncollectable debt), please follow the steps listed below.


See also: Legal opinions regarding old debt, page 18+

See also: Long Overdue


  1. Go to PINES Quick Reports and run the Circulation report titled "List of Unreturned Items."
  2. Copy and paste the barcodes of the items you wish to remove from Excel into Notepad to remove formatting, and save the text file. (Note: It is recommended that you process these items in batches of 100 or less. If there are more than 100 items in the report, create separate text files with no more than 100 barcodes in each one.)
  3. Open the Evergreen Staff Client to the Item Status screen. (Be sure the "Trim List (20 rows)" box at the bottom of the screen is NOT checked.)
  4. Click the box to "Uplocad from File" and upload the saved text file of barcodes. (If you have multiple text files, upload the first.)
  5. When the file is completely uploaded, highlight all of them.
  6. Go to "Actions for Selected Items" and choose "Check In Items."
    1. There is no need to print transit slips or hold slips.
    2. Force any actions for claims returned items if you are prompted to do so.
    3. Acknowledge any other messages that appear.
  7. Items that have holds on them should be investigated further to either retarget them or to notify the patron that the item is not available.
  8. Items that are put into transit must have the transits aborted.
    1. Highlight any items with the In Transit status.
    2. Go to "Actions for Selected Items" and choose "Abort Transits."
    3. Confirm the message to abort the transits.
  9. After the Item Status screen refreshes, all of items can then be marked Missing.
    1. Highlight all items.
    2. Go to "Actions for Selected Items" and choose "Mark Item Missing."
  10. If you wish to save a list of the items that were marked Missing during this step, you may print them using the Print button at the bottom of the page.
  11. If you are processing more than 100 items so had more than one text file, close the Item Status screen and reopen it so that it is clear, then repeat steps 4-10 for each additional text file.)

After the process is complete, you can follow your library's normal procedures for shelf-checking Missing items and deleting them from the system.