OPAC Proxy Settings

When setting up an OPAC workstation and restricting access, there are certain domains you may wish to allow access to. The list may vary from library to library, depending on what resources the library has access to and depending on what the library wishes the patrons to be able to do on the OPAC workstations as compared to a normal public access computer. The following domains are suggestions only, and should be approved by the library's system administrator before granting access. Your own system may have additional domains that should also be listed.


GPLS / PINES / Added Content

  • *.gapines.org
  • *.georgialibraries.org
  • *.surveymonkey.org
  • *.goodreads.com
  • *.galileo.usg.edu
  • *.ebsco.com
  • *.ebscohost.com
  • *.epnet.com
  • *.syndetics.com


GALILEO Resources