Setting Up the Evergreen Staff Client for Testing New Versions

The PINES staff maintains a test server that is running the same version of Evergreen and the same dataset as what is running on live production.  These instructions are for using the staff client you use day-to-day to access the PINES test server.  These assume that you have permission to create a workstation (LocalAdmin and LibraryManager).

NOTE: It is not recommended to use a computer that you normally use for everyday work to access the test server.  It would be very easy for staff to log in to the test server without realizing it, causing situations that are confusing and complicated to fix!

  1. Start the staff client and change the Hostname field to "".
  2. You may be prompted with a "Secure Connection Failed" window that complains about a self-signed certificate.  Click Cancel if this window appears.  If this window does not appear, move on to step 4.
  3. Click Add SSL Exception.  An "Add Security Exception" window will appear.  Click Confirm Security Exception (it may take a few seconds for that to appear and be active).
  4. Log in with your normal PINES credentials.  Please note that the image on the test database is only refreshed every few months, so if you have changed your password recently, you may need to try an older password or contact PINES staff via the Helpdesk for assistance.
  5. The workstation (WS) name field will automatically populate with your computer's name.  Select the appropriate library name in the Organization drop-down menu and click Register to register your workstation.
  6. Log in as you normally would in production.
  7. To resume using the live production server, click Log Off, select "" from the Hostname drop-down menu, and log in as normal.