Grouping and Ungrouping Patrons

Grouping patrons together provides a convenient way to access all of a family's accounts quickly rather than looking them up one by one.

If a new account is cloned from an existing account (for example, a child cloned from the parent account), they will be automatically grouped. The instructions here explain how to manually group and ungroup patrons.


Set a Group's Lead Account

  1. Make sure the lead (usually a parent or adult in a family group) account is up-to-date and valid.
  2. Edit the lead account and check the “Is Group Lead Account” check box.
  3. If a parent wishes his or her email address to be added to their children’s records so that the parent will receive the preminder and overdue notices, copy the email address.
  4. Save.


Add a Patron to a Group

  1. Open the lead account.
  2. Click the Group tab in the top-right portion of the screen.
  3. Click the box below the window for “Group Member Details.” (The bottom portion of the screen will display this user’s information as well as anyone in the group.)
  4. Select the lead account's line from the list.
  5. Click “Choose an Action.”
  6. Click “Move Another Patron to This Patron’s Group.”
  7. Scan or enter the barcode for the patron you wish to add to the group. (It may take the system a few moments to respond.)
  8. Confirm that they patrons are moving in the correct order (ie, Child moving into Parent’s Group).
  9. Click Move.
  10. Return to the lead account and verify that the other account was added to the group.


Remove a Patron From a Group

How to remove a patron from a group:

    1. Open the account to be ungrouped.
    2. Switch to the Group tab.
    3. Click the Group Member Details button.
    4. Select the account to be ungrouped from the list.
    5. Click Choose an Action then Remove Selected Patrons From The Group.
    6. Click OK and then OK again.
    7. Close and then reopen the account - the Group tab should now be empty.



  • A spouse may be a member of a group.
  • Adding a child to a parent’s group does not automatically update the child’s address.
  • Children are not automatically removed from a family group when they turn 18.
  • There are no PINES circulation policies or restrictions specifically pertaining to groups.