Best Practices for Unexpected Closures

Best practices in the event of an unplanned closure due to weather or another emergency (in no particular order):

Mark your library as closed

    • If you are able to log in as a Local Admin to the Evergreen Staff client, mark your library (or libraries) closed using the Closed Dates Editor. Please keep in mind that a library should only be marked as closed if it is closed the entire day, not for a partial day.
    • If you are unable to log in, contact the Help Desk with a request to mark your library closed.
    • Note that the fines generator runs at 12:30 am each day - if you mark the library closed after the fines generator has run for the day, overdue fines will appear on patron accounts as if the library were open. So, it is best to mark the library closed on a date prior to when the fines are run. (If there is snow on the ground today and you know the library will be closed tomorrow, mark the library closed for tomorrow immediately so that the fines generator will not run overnight.) If you are unable to mark the closed date in advance and you need to void fines for the day, contact the Help Desk with details and the PINES staff will assist you.
    • In the event that your network is down, keep in mind that you may submit Help Desk tickets via any mobile device that has Internet access.

    Inform the courier

      • If you are unable to reach the courier, contact the Help Desk and the PINES staff will contact the courier for you.

      Inform the PINES community

        Inform your patrons

          • Please follow your own library system's procedures for informing your patrons. This may include such things as updating your web site, updating the library's facebook page and twitter account, sending out an email bulletin, and informing your city or county government offices if appropriate.

          Handling check-ins and fines after reopening

          • You may wish to back date your check-ins to prevent overdue fees from being incorrectly applied, particularly if your library was closed but the Closed Dates Editor didn't get updated until after the fines generator ran for the day.
          • If you wish to review the fines that were generated for a particular day, you may run the following shared report within PINES:
            Reports > csharp-shared > Bills > List of Users Who Accrued Fines Within a Date Range
          • If you need to void all fines that were generated on a specific day, contact the Help Desk with details and the PINES staff will assist you.