Creating Multiple Evergreen Workstation Profiles

There is often a need for Local System Administrators to be able to log into the staff client with their workstation registered as another library unit, and to this point there has not been a very efficient workflow to do so. 

1.  Right-click on the Evergreen Staff Client shortcut on your desktop (this will also work in your Start Menu – just right click on the Evergreen Staff Client entry) and select Properties.

2.  In the window that comes up, add “ -profilemanager”  (no quotes, with a space before the dash) to the end of the command listed in the Target field.  Click Apply, then OK to close the window.  The resulting entry in Target will be something like this (quotes included here - the program path may vary slightly depending on your operating system):

"C:\Program Files\Evergreen Staff Client\evergreen.exe" -profilemanager

3.  Close all running Evergreen Staff Client  sessions, then double click on the icon you just edited.  You will see this window:

profile chooser

4.  Click Create Profile . . . which will open a simple wizard interface:

profile wizard

5.  When you click Next, you can name your new profile.  There is no need to change the default folder, but that option is given here, too.  Click Finish.

profile wizard

6.  You will then see your newly created profile as an option to use:

profile chooser

NOTE: the “Don’t ask at startup” option applies to any other shortcuts to the Evergreen staff client you use (that you haven’t edited with the -profilemanager option).  If unchecked, this window will always appear.  If checked, this window will only appear when you use the edited shortcut.  The other unmodified shortcuts will assume that you want the last profile you selected to be your default profile.

7.  And when you select it, you will be able to create a new workstation (*NOTE: this permission is only available for Local Admin (for system) and Library Manager (within a branch) profiles).  You can repeat this process for each organizational unit you would need to access.   For information on registering workstations, please see

staff client