Barcode Scanners Tested With PINES

PINES libraries have reported that the following barcode scanners will scan patron barcode numbers off of smartphones and other handheld devices with few issues:

  • Honeywell/Metrologic 1300G-2 USB
    Library note: So far they have been great scanners and work for every device.
    Library note:
    We are loving the Honeywell 1300G-2USB models. They have a trigger, but you can program them to auto-scan. You can also change the volume of the beep they make – high, medium, low or OFF! They scan barcodes from smartphones very well.
    Library note: The stands are not included, we had to order those separately.
  • Honeywell/Metrologic Voyager 1400G-2D
    Library note: Staff have reported that they like these better than our normal scanners even for regular barcodes.
  • Honeywell 1400GPDF USB
    Library note: It requires a certain distance (4-5 inches) to scan correctly) and runs slightly slower than some other scanners.
  • Honeywell/Metrologic VoyagerCG MS9540
  • QuickScan Imager Black, KBW, USB, WAND, RS232 Scanner with USB cable (90A052044)
  • Unitech MS250
    Library note: Trigger-type scanner that requires the scanner to be touching the smartphone prior to the trigger being pressed. They only cost around $40.
  • Unitech MS910
    Library note: This is a wireless, bluetooth scanner, so may not be appropriate for all environments.


PINES libraries have reported that the following barcode scanners will not reliably scan patron barcodes from handheld devices.

  • Honeywell/Metrologic MS9520
  • Honeywell/Metrologic Fusion MS3780


If you have any scanners to add to either of these lists, please email Terran McCanna ( with details.

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