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 Follow the instructions for **[[cat:​transferring_volumes_and_items#​transferring_items|transferring items between volumes]]**. Follow the instructions for **[[cat:​transferring_volumes_and_items#​transferring_items|transferring items between volumes]]**.
 +<note warning>​If you are a library using on order holds, you **must also** follow the instructions below to transfer any holds to your new record. Otherwise patron holds will be lost.</​note>​
 +===== Transferring Holds to Another Record =====
 +<​note>​These instructions are only applicable to libraries who are using on order holds.</​note>​
 +If you transferred your holdings from an Acq record (or a non-matching OCLC record) to a good, matching OCLC record, you must **also** transfer any on order holds from your Acq record to your new good record.
 +1. Transfer your items and call numbers (if applicable) to your new matching record.
 ===== Editing Item Attributes and Call Numbers ===== ===== Editing Item Attributes and Call Numbers =====
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