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 ==== Vendor Cancel Codes ==== ==== Vendor Cancel Codes ====
-Additionally,​ if you use Baker & Taylor as a vendor, they have a list of explanations for their cancel codes **[[http://​​pdfs/​How_statuscodes_R.pdf|here]]**.+Some vendors ​have provided documentation on the meaning ​of their cancel codes in cancellation reports, to help you choose the correct cancel reason in Acquisitions. 
 +**[[http://​​pdfs/​How_statuscodes_R.pdf|Baker & Taylor cancel codes]]**
 **[[https://​​EDI%20Specifications/​IBC-855-ackcodes.pdf|Ingram Cancel Codes]]** **[[https://​​EDI%20Specifications/​IBC-855-ackcodes.pdf|Ingram Cancel Codes]]**
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