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-===== Electronic Invoicing ===== 
-If you are using EDI to transmit orders, then Evergreen can receive electronic invoices from providers for those orders.  ​ 
-Electronic invoices save having to create invoices and link the line items or populate invoices and fill in  
-the billed and paid information. ​ Once an electronic invoice is linked to its purchase order(s), it is paid  
-and saved just as you would any invoice. 
-Electronic invoices can viewed just like other invoices through a search, through a purchase order’s ​ 
-//View Invoices// button, or through Line Item’s invoice link.  See the section on [[acq:​invoices#​view_an_invoice|View an Invoice]]. ​ 
-Electronic invoicing also provides other viewing and access options. ​ 
-  - Access invoices from a provider record. 
-  - Invoices automatically link to purchase orders. 
 ==== Access Invoices From A Provider Record ==== ==== Access Invoices From A Provider Record ====
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