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 ==== Purchase Order Information ==== ==== Purchase Order Information ====
-=== Purchase Order Name === 
-By default a new purchase order is given the purchase order ID as a name. 
-You can change the name to any grouping of letters or numbers as determined by your library'​s policies. You can reuse purchase order names as long as a name is never used twice in the same year. 
-1. Open or create a purchase order. 
-2. The name of the purchase order is in the top left column of the purchase order. The hyperlinked number is an internal ID number that Evergreen has assigned. 
-{{  :​acq:​manual:​5_po_name_12.png?​nolink& ​ }} 
-3. Click on the hyperlinked ID number. A pop-up box will appear. 
-4. Enter a new name for your purchase order and click OK. 
-{{  :​acq:​manual:​5_po_name_13.png?​nolink& ​ }} 
-5. The new name will replace the internal ID number as the purchase order'​s name. 
-{{  :​acq:​manual:​5_po_name_14.png?​nolink& ​ }} 
 === View History === === View History ===
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