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Troubleshooting FAQs


Vendor Credits


Move processing fee to another invoice

Some vendors send a separate invoice with a processing and/or cataloging fee as the only charge(s). If you prorate your cataloging/processing charges, you may want to move this onto another invoice that contains the titles so that it can be prorated across all the funds used for the materials.

You need to delete the charge, not just remove the fund info.

Purchase Orders

PO activation fails

If you activate your purchase order, bibs and copies load, and then you receive the error that one or more funds are past their warning limit and the order remains unactivated. You may change the funds that you are using, and to activate the order you choose “Activate without loading bibs and copies”. Otherwise you will create multiple acq barcodes in the system. If you have done this by accident, please submit a Helpdesk ticket to get the issue corrected.

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