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Linked Data

Georgia Public Library Service has partnered with EBSCO and Zepheira to convert and publish library information and bibliographic data for the 52 PINES regional public library systems and the 9 independent public library systems in Georgia as linked data so that it will be more accessible to search engines and other web tools. During the data publishing process, content from NoveList Select (such as series information, author pages, etc.) are cross-linked with the library data, adding value to the content.

List of Linked Data Sites for each Library System

Updating Library Information

PINES does a monthly bibliographic data export to EBSCO/Zepheira for processing. Each of the other ten library systems manages their own data export.

Whenever a library's other information changes (hours, phone number, new locations, closed locations, address, etc.), submit a Help Desk Ticket with the details.

Using Linked Data Content

The linked data sites provide 'embed' code that allows libraries to easily copy and paste bits of code into library web pages or blogs to create instant sliders for books in a series, books by an author, author biographical information, books in a specific topic, etc. While perusing your library's linked data site, look for the “</> Embed” buttons.

Some examples showing different types of content that you could embed into a library's web page:

Since the embedded content always accesses the most current linked data information, once you embed content into a page, you will not need to update it. For example, if you have a series slider embedded into your page, when a new book in the series is published and added to your collection, once the linked data is updated (which happens monthly), it will automatically be added to the slider.

Searching a Linked Data Site

The library linked data sites do not possess their own internal search engines, but you can use Google to search for a starting point in your linked data site, and then follow the links from your starting point to whatever type of data you are looking for.

For example, if I want to find the author page for Stephen King on the Athens Regional Library System linked data site, I could type this into Google's search box: stephen king

I could then click on any one of his titles to pull up a book page. From there I could get “If you like…” suggestions or topic suggestions, or I could click on the author name I could get to the author page where I could get book lists or other information.

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