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PINES Policy Names

PINES Policy Names are short codes indicating a library system and branch location. For example, ARL-ATH refers to the Athens Regional Library System, Athens-Clarke County Library branch. These policy names are used throughout Evergreen in nearly every interface including on reports and on transit slips. The policy names are set up at the time by the PINES staff at the time the library system joins PINES or a new branch location is opened.

When a library system wishes to create a new policy name or change an existing policy name, it must be reviewed and approved by PINES staff but does not need to be approved by the PINES Executive Committee (PINES Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, September 2013).

When a policy name is added or changed, updates may need to be made to:

  • PINES Org Unit Settings
  • Library Locator Map
  • Linked Data
  • PINES Web Site
  • GPLS Web Site
  • Acquisitions Line Items
  • Any reports that are being run based on the affected PINES Policy Name
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