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 [{{:​admin:​settings:​pasted:​20190319-160833.png|Alert message for an extended stay hotel}}] [{{:​admin:​settings:​pasted:​20190319-160833.png|Alert message for an extended stay hotel}}]
 +**How to add an address to the alert list:**
 +  - Log into the Evergreen Staff Client using a Local Administrator account or another account that has been granted the proper permission.
 +  - Click on Administration > Local Administration > Address Alerts.
 +  - Click "New Address Alert."​
 +  - A form will open with the following fields to fill out:
 +     * Owner (Choose your library system or branch. This controls which staff members will see the alert.)
 +- Active (Check)
 +- Match All Fields (Check)
 +- Alert Message (Enter the message you wish to display to staff members.)
 +- Street (1) (Consider using wildcards - see below.)
 +- Street (2) (Consider using wildcards - see below.)
 +- City
 +- County
 +- State (Consider using wildcards - see below.)
 +- Country
 +- Postal Code (Consider using wildcards - see below.)
 +- Billing Address (Check)
 +- Mailing Address (Check)
 +How to use wildcards:
 +You may use a dot-asterisk (.*) as a wildcard to accommodate slight variations in addresses. For example "123 W.* Smith St.*" will generate an alert whether the patron'​s address is entered as "123 West Smith Street"​ or as "123 West Smith Str." or as "123 W. Smith St." You may add wildcards in the Postal Code field to adjust for the various four-number codes that are added. For example, "​30236.*"​ will accommodate "​30236"​ and "​30236-1234."​ If you use "​G.*"​ it will accommodate both "​GA"​ and "​Georgia."​
 +How to edit or delete an address on the alert list:
 +Double-click on any address in the list in order to edit it. If you wish to delete an address, select the checkbox next to the address and then click the "​Delete Selected"​ button.
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