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 [{{:admin:settings:pasted:20190319-160833.png|Alert message for an extended stay hotel}}] [{{:admin:settings:pasted:20190319-160833.png|Alert message for an extended stay hotel}}]
 +**How to add an address to the alert list:**
 +  - Log into the Evergreen Staff Client using a Local Administrator account or another account that has been granted the proper permission.
 +  - Click on Administration > Local Administration > Address Alerts.
 +  - Click "New Address Alert."
 +  - A form will open with the following fields to fill out:
 +     * Owner (Choose your library system or branch. This controls which staff members will see the alert.)
 +     * Active (Check)
 +     * Match All Fields (Check)
 +     * Alert Message (Enter the message you wish to display to staff members.)
 +     * Street (1) (Consider using wildcards - see below.)
 +     * Street (2) (Consider using wildcards - see below.)
 +     * City
 +     * County
 +     * State (Consider using wildcards - see below.)
 +     * Country
 +     * Postal Code (Consider using wildcards - see below.)
 +     * Billing Address (Check)
 +     * Mailing Address (Check)
 +**How to use wildcards:**
 +You may use a dot-asterisk (.*) as a wildcard to accommodate slight variations in addresses. For example "123 W.* Smith St.*" will generate an alert whether the patron's address is entered as "123 West Smith Street" or as "123 West Smith Str." or as "123 W. Smith St." You may add wildcards in the Postal Code field to adjust for the various four-number codes that are added. For example, "30236.*" will accommodate "30236" and "30236-1234." If you use "G.*" it will accommodate both "GA" and "Georgia."
 +**How to edit or delete an address on the alert list:**
 +Double-click on any address in the list in order to edit it. If you wish to delete an address, select the checkbox next to the address and then click the "Delete Selected" button.
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