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 +====== Non-Cataloged Types Editor ======
 +Each library system or branch can specify what types of items can circulate without being cataloged. A common example is '​Paperbacks'​ - inexpensive paperbacks that can be circulated, but which are not individually cataloged and are not holdable. These non-cataloged types are configured at:
 +<wrap indent>​Administration > Local Administration > Non-Cataloged Types Editor</​wrap>​
 +The list of non-cataloged types appears in the lower part of the screen, and includes whichever non-cat types set for the "Focus Location"​ (changeable via the dropdown menu). These will appear to your library’s staff from the
 +Checkout interface. A new non-cataloged type can be created in the top interface by entering a name, selecting the time the item will circulate, whether it circulates in-house, and the organizational unit (system or individual branch) for which you would like the type to be available.
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