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Third-Party Hardware and Software

Many PINES libraries contract with what are termed “third-party” software vendors (because they are outside of the purview of the PINES/GPLS relationship with the PINES library system) for products that need to connect with the PINES software to work. This is governed by a PINES policy (found at which requires that libraries expecting full compatibility with PINES software must consult PINES/ GPLS staff in all negotiations with vendors to ensure that their products are compatible. Assurances from other users of the product or from the third-party vendor that the product will work as expected should not be taken at face value.

In certain cases, software development is required to make the third-party's product connect correctly with PINES. In these cases, the cost of developing, supporting, and maintaining the custom interface will fall to the library purchasing the product. When contracting out for SIP-specific technology, it is responsibility of the third-party vendor to build the crosswalks necessary for compatibility with Evergreen, as it is the responsibility of the vendor when providing compatible technology for any ILS. In order to collaborate with the PINES libraries in contracting for 3rd party technology, PINES/GPLS will provide a test environment within which the library and/or the vendor may develop and test the crosswalks necessary in order to insure compatibility with Evergreen.

Once the third-party product has been proven to work with Evergreen and for those products that are currently in use, PINES/GPLS staff is responsible for Evergreen server-side administration. Support for the third-party product continues to be the purchasing library’s responsibility.

These same guidelines apply to any product or service that would require any sort of data export, either one-time or ongoing, from PINES/GPLS staff. Many catalog added content services and statistical analysis services require this. Please consult with PINES staff about these requirements before entering into an agreement.
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