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Creating Staff Users and Assigning Permission Profiles

Local Admins have overall responsibility for creating, updating, and maintaining all staff accounts for their system except for CatCoord, Cat1, and LocalAdmin accounts. CatCoord, Cat1 and LocalAdmin accounts may only be created and updated by PINES staff at the request of the library system's Director. CatCoord and Cat1 accounts require specialized training by the PINES Cataloging Specialist before being created.

The PINES/GPLS staff strongly recommends the use of personalized Evergreen accounts for logging into staff functions. This eases troubleshooting and allows library staff to audit particular staff members actions, and provides a more secure and accountable system. Use of generic logins (e.g. “WGRL-HQ-Circ1” and the like), is strongly discouraged.

It is important to remind library staff members that their personal library cards and their staff accounts are one and the same. Some staff users have gotten confused when they change their password via the OPAC and are then unable to login to the staff client, for instance.

Hierarchical Permission Structure

Evergreen employs a hierarchical permissions structure in which “child” groups inherit permissions settings from “parent” groups. The basic group is “User”, which contains all Evergreen users. Above the “User” level are subcategories, including “Staff,” which contains a set of permissions that is inherited by all “Staff” group members. “Staff” is subdivided into “Administrator,” “Cataloger,” and “Circulator,” and each of these levels may also contain permissions that are inherited by their subgroup members. In the case of the “Administrator” group, a base set of administrative permissions is granted to the “GlobalAdmin,” “LocalAdmin,” and “Library Manager” permissions groups, which are then assigned to individual users. See the diagram below for a visual representation of this structure.

Assigning a permissions group to a user grants them all of the permissions in the tree. This means that a LibraryManager assignment equates to granting all permissions in User + Staff + Administrator + LibraryManager, inclusive.

Permissions Scopes

Evergreen permissions are “scoped,” meaning that “boundaries” are set to limit staff actions to a single system or branch. In PINES, there are three scopes: 1. Consortium: the permission applies to the staff member at any location in PINES. 2. System: the permission applies to any location within the library PINES Local System system at which the staff member works 3. Branch: the permission applies to the individual library at which the staff member works.

Context Matters: Working Location and Workstation

Working Location

Evergreen permissions rely on the user's “working location” which is set under Administration > User Permissions Editor (or, from the staff person's account page under Other > User Permissions Editor).

For staff such as LocalAdmins or Cat1s, who may need to administer or perform work at more than one location, each relevant location must be selected.


The other context Evergreen uses is the workstation location. See Workstation Documentation for more information.

If you have system-level permissions (as you do as a LocalAdmin), you only need to be assigned a single working location within your system. However, if the staff member mainly has branch-level permissions (such as a Circ1), you will need to assign her/him each location where you need permissions to be in effect.
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