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 [{{ :​circ:​workstations:​local-db-ff.jpg?​600 |Clearing database in Firefox}}] [{{ :​circ:​workstations:​local-db-ff.jpg?​600 |Clearing database in Firefox}}]
-===== Console Error: Unable to getItem from Hatch ===== 
-If the browser console gives a message such as "​Unable to getItem from Hatch: [field name]. Retrieving item from local storage instead,"​ it usually means that something Hatch-related has changed (settings, reinstallation,​ disabled/​enabled,​ etc.) and the browser can no longer find the place where a local setting had been stored. Please try these steps: 
-  - Administration > Workstation > Print/​Storage Service ("​Hatch"​) 
-  - Click the "Copy Local Storage Settings to Hatch" button. 
-  - Log out and log back in again to check if the problem has been resolved. ​ 
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