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 +====== Other 0xx Fields ======
 +<wrap indent>​041 0_ eng ǂa spa (text in parallel languages of English & Spanish) </​wrap>​\\
 +<wrap indent>​041 1_ spa ǂh eng  (text is or contains a translation:​ English text (ǂh) translated into Spanish) </​wrap>​\\
 +<wrap indent>​043 ​      ​n-us-ga</​wrap>​\\
 +<wrap indent>​043 ​      ​n-us---</​wrap>​\\
 +    * 043 is added when a record has a geographic subject access point or has a geographic element in an access point:
 +<wrap indent>​245 10  Gone with the wind.</​wrap>​\\
 +<wrap indent>​651 _0  Georgia ǂx History ǂy Civil War, 1861-1865 ǂv Fiction.</​wrap>​\\
 +<​note>​You may use the OCLC macro functionality to generate a 43 tag. Tools – Macro – Manage – Generate 043 – Run.</​note>​
 +<wrap indent>​082 04  641.5 ǂ2 23</​wrap>​\\
 +    * DDC call number. Apply one in a full-level record. Use [[http://​​webdewey/​login/​login.html|WebDewey]]. You can also access WebDewey through the Tools menu in the Connexion Client. ​
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