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 +=====    Qualifications and Training for PINES Catalogers ​      =====
 +<font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​All PINES catalogers performing copy cataloging should be able to:</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Understand/​interpret MARC records;</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Have knowledge of and follow established matching criteria for all major formats (such as books, sound recordings, and video materials);</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Search PINES efficiently and accurately;</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Use the Z39.50 to search OCLC and bring and edit matching records;</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Search OCLC (using the Connexion Client) efficiently;</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Edit records as needed according to PINES established standards;</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Use the Transfer functions for transferring holdings from poor or wrong records to better records and/or merging duplicated records for its own system;</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​Overlay a poor record or a K-record with a better OCLC record.</​font>​
 +  - <font 11pt/​Arial,​Helvetica,​sans-serif;;​inherit;;​inherit>​All PINES trained catalogers should stay on PINES-cataloging list: please subscribe at http://​​mailman/​listinfo/​cat-l</​font>​
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