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Sources for Cataloging Standards

Cataloging staff at libraries participating in PINES should be able to access the following cataloging resources online. NOTE: It is mandatory that these resources are available to catalogers creating original cataloging in OCLC’s WorldCat database. As of August 2017, the Georgia Public Library service purchases subscriptions for major online cataloging standards and tools for all public libraries in the state. Questions about the subscriptions should be addressed to the PINES and Collaborative Projects Manager.

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>The standards contained in the cataloging sources listed here should be consulted and followed when entering new records and editing existing in OCLC’s WorldCat database and when modifying existing records in the PINES bibliographic database.</font>

RDA Toolkit

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>RDA (Resource Description & Access) is the new standard for descriptive cataloging, suited for user focused linked data applications. It supplies guidelines and instructions for creating bibliographic data for use by libraries and other cultural institutions. It replaces Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second Edition (AACR2).</font>

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>The RDA Toolkit is an online, browser-based manual for RDA that also provides access to AACR2, Library of Congress Policy Statements (LCPS), and other documentation and workflows to assist subscribers apply RDA.</font>

Access to the toolkit is at

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Each library should have institutional logins for the toolkit.</font>


<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>WebDewey is the web-based version of the Dewey Decimal Classification System. It is constantly updated to reflect changes approved by the Dewey editorial team. The print version has been discontinued and will not be available for purchase after 2018.</font>

Access to WebDewey is available from within the Connexion Client and the Connexion browser. It also can be accessed directly at

Cataloger’s Desktop

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Cataloger’s Desktop provides access to a variety of cataloging publications in one place. These include:</font>

  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2) (external link to the RDA Toolkit)</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Describing Archives: a Content Standard (DACS)</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Library of Congress Policy Statements</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Library of Congress Rule Interpretations</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Resource Description and Access (RDA) (external link)</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Subject Cataloging Manuals</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>MARC 21 Formats</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Cataloging Service Bulletin</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>CONSER Cataloging Manual</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>CONSER Editing Guide</font>
  • <font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Latest editions of all MARC code lists</font>

A full list of the resources contained in Cataloger's Desktop is at

Access Cataloger’s Desktop at:

MARC standards

Standards for MARC formats and MARC code lists can be found at

Code lists include those for languages and countries. Also available at the link is a tutorial on MARC.

OCLC and MARC standards

OCLC. 2017. Bibliographic formats and standards. 4th edition. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC.

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Includes a field by field guide to MARC21 formats for cataloging in OCLC’s Worldcat as well as a guide on when to input new records.</font>

Genre/Form terms

Library of Congress. 2017. Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms PDF Files.

Other resources

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>While the following resources are not required for PINES catalogers, they do provide additional information that may be useful.</font>

IFLA Study Group on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. 2009. Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.

Library of Congress. 2017. Cataloging and Acquisitions: Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate of the Library of Congress.

Music Library Association's Cataloging and Metadata Committee. 2017. Website of the Music Library Association's Cataloging and Metadata Committee.

Music Library Association, RDA Music Implementation Task Force. 2015. Best Practices for Music Cataloging. Using RDA and MARC21.

Music OCLC Users Group (MUOG). 2017.Cataloging

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>OCLC. 2017.</font>Librarian’s Toolbox

<font 14px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Includes links to OCLC cataloging products, tools, documentation, and tutorials.</font>

OCLC. 2017. About RDA.

OLAC (Online Audiovisual Catalogers)

The OLAC website has a number of publications and resources for cataloging audiovisual materials.

Schiff, Adam. 2010. Changes from AACR2 to RDA: a comparison of examples.

Tillett, Barbara B. 2003. What Is FRBR?: A Conceptual Model for the Bibliographic Universe.

Yale University. Irving S. Gilmore Music Library. [no date]. Music cataloging at Yale

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