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Updating Holdings Information in OCLC

Attaching holdings in WorldCat

As OCLC member libraries, we are obliged to update our holdings information in World Cat (OCLC’s bibliographical database) in a timely manner for resource sharing purpose. PINES is responsible for updating all its member libraries’ holdings via a batch-loading project with OCLC on a monthly basis.

Deleting holdings from WorldCat

For more information, see Deleting Holdings in OCLC

If you don’t remove your holdings from OCLC, your library may receive Interlibrary-loan requests from other OCLC member libraries for items no longer available for lending, thus wasting processing time for a borrowing library on the one hand and time tracing the non-existing item by your library staff on the other. Because one PINES library has removed its last copy on an OCLC record in PINES does not mean all have done so, batchloading for deleting holdings from World Cat at PINES level is not plausible. Further, GOLD member libraries have always been responsible for deleting their own holdings from OCLC. Each PINES library system needs to delete their holdings in OCLC’s WorldCat after the library has deleted its last copy from an OCLC record in PINES.

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