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 ====== PINES Documentation ====== ====== PINES Documentation ======
 +PINES policies are made by a group of representatives from PINES member libraries. ​ Any PINES Regional Library System Director may propose a change or addition to the existing policies by contacting the PINES support staff of GPLS. The PINES support staff will set up a discussion forum for the requested policy change and notify the PINES Library System Directors and the PINES Subcommittee Members that the topic is open for discussion. Once a consensus is reached by the Directors and Subcommittees,​ the PINES support staff will summarize the results and present them to the PINES Executive Committee for a final vote. If approved by the Executive Committee, the policy will be updated and posted to this web site.
   * **[[:​acq:​home|Acquisitions Policies and Procedures]]**   * **[[:​acq:​home|Acquisitions Policies and Procedures]]**
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