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PINES Subcommittee Overview

Primary Responsibility: Review Proposed Policy Changes

The PINES Subcommittees review and provide feedback on proposed policy changes and how these changes would affect PINES libraries, staff workflows, and patron experience.

Typical Workflow:
(This may vary somewhat depending on the type of proposed change.)

  1. A director of one of the 51 regional library systems in PINES submits a proposal for a policy change by sending it to the PINES Program Director (Elizabeth McKinney) and the current chair of the PINES Executive Committee.
    • Occasionally, a decision about a PINES-wide setting or new feature may be submitted by PINES staff for review by the subcommittee members as well.
  2. The PINES Program Director reviews the proposal with relevant parties to determine what types of questions or problems may arise.
  3. The PINES Program Manager (Terran McCanna) puts together a survey to collect feedback from the PINES Subcommittees, then sends an alert with the proposal documents and the survey to the Subcommittee mailing list (SUBCOM-L).
  4. The Subcommittee Members review the proposal with their local staff and with each other on the SUBCOM-L list, then submit the survey.
    • If members have questions, they should ask them in SUBCOM-L before submitting their survey response.
    • In most cases, all subcommittee members can respond to all proposed changes. Library system directors who are not on a subcommittee may also submit responses. The responses from the relevant subcommittee will be compiled separately from the other subcommittees and from the directors. For example, ifa cataloging question arises, the responses by the members of the Cataloging Subcommittee will be given emphasis, but the responses by the other subcommittee members and the directors will also be included.
  5. The PINES Program Manager compiles the survey results and presents them along with the proposal to the

PINES Executive Committee at their next meeting (May, September, and December).

  1. The PINES Executive Committee discusses the proposal and reviews the Subcommittee feedback and makes a final decision.
  2. The PINES team updates the appropriate PINES Policy manual and makes any necessary changes to the PINES configuration settings.

Secondary Responsibilities

Evergreen Feature Feedback

When a new software feature is being considered for development or needs testing, the PINES team may ask the Subcommittees to review the proposed feature and offer feedback / questions / suggestions to bring back to the larger Evergreen community.

Subcommittee members are also encouraged to participate in Evergreen Community Bug Squashing / Feedback Fest events.

Upgrade Testing

The PINES Subcommittee Members are asked to participate in pre-upgrade testing in their areas of expertise. Most software upgrades happen in January, and the pre-upgrade testing usually occurs in October-December. This testing includes testing new features / changes, and also testing existing workflows to ensure that nothing has broken with the addition of new code.

Current Subcommittee Members and Contacts

Subcommittee Discussion List

Executive Committee Meeting Documents

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