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Reports Permissions

Staff with the LocalAdmin, LibraryManager, AcqAdmin, and CatCoord roles automatically have all necessary reports permissions. Other types of staff accounts only have the permission to view reports that someone else has run.

To grant reports permissions to a staff member who does not have one of the aforementioned roles, add these permissions to the staff member's account through the User Permission Editor:

  • CREATE_REPORT_TEMPLATE - Allows user to create custom templates or clone templates in the Evergreen reports module.
  • RUN_REPORTS - Allows user to run reports that another staff member has created in Quick Reports or in the Evergreen reports module.
  • SHARE_REPORT_FOLDER - Allows user to share custom templates with colleagues (either at the Branch or System level, depending on what access is specified in the User Permissions Editor).
  • VIEW_REPORT_OUTPUT - Allows user to view completed report results.
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