Keynote Speaker

Mark LeggottMark Leggott

Mark Leggott is the University Librarian at the University of Prince Edward Island, President/CEO of DiscoveryGarden, and Founding Director of Knowledge for All. While at UPEI Mark has been involved with a number of open source and open data projects: Islandora (Mark's 3rd open source project) is a popular digital asset management system that combines Drupal and Fedora; Knowledge for All is a project to create a free and open repository of academic research; the UPEI Virtual Research Environment is a system that facilitates the development of an open data environment for research data in any domain. UPEI was the first academic library to adopt Evergreen and the University continues to work with the larger community to develop new features for the ILS. DiscoveryGarden is a new company created to provide a full range of services for open source software in libraries and beyond. Mark is a strong proponent of all things open and is committed to building a strong and sustainable open source ecosystem.