Call for Presentation Proposal Submissions

The 2011 Evergreen International Conference planning team is pleased to invite you to submit presentation proposals for the conference.

There are three programming tracks, and we hope to have a broad spectrum of programming within each track:  

  1. Front line - Best practices and techniques for using Evergreen in day-to-day library operations
  2. Administration - programs targeted at managers and administrators seeking information about the feasibility, cost issues, and other topics related to using Evergreen and open source software in consortial and standalone environments
  3. Technology - Issues of interest related to system administration, software development, implementation, hardware, and integration with other software

Presentation sessions will be 55 minutes in length - multi-part presentations will be considered if your presentation requires more time.  All presenters can expect a laptop with Web access and PowerPoint, a computer projector and a microphone.

Proposal guidelines:

  1. All submissions must include a session title, short description appropriate for the conference program (no more than 200 words), and the names, institutions, job titles and email addresses of those who will be presenting the material at the conference.
  2. Note your intended track (Tech, Administration and Front Line Users) and presumed technical level of your audience.
  3. Let us know of any accessibility requirements.


Submissions are no longer being received.