Merging Duplicate Accounts

If you encounter two or more accounts that belong to the same patron, please submit a Help Desk ticket. If you find multiple patrons with duplicate accounts, please enter a separate help desk ticket for each patron. 

At the very minimum, we will need:

  1. Patron Barcodes (Indicate which one should be the "Lead" or primary barcode. If one of the accounts is in collections, then that account must be marked as the lead account.)
  2. Patron Name

Ideally, we would also appreciate:

  1. Patron Date of Birth
  2. Patron ID and/or Parent Information

If the account names or other identifying information do not match, please explain what criteria you used to identify them as the same patron. We will store this in the help desk in case for record-keeping purposes in case there are any questions in the future about why specific accounts were merged.