Evergreen Staff Client Download and Installation

We've received several requests for instructions about how to install the Evergreen Staff Client on staff workstations.  These instructions assume that you are running Windows XP/7 and that you have administrative rights to your Windows workstation (a permission level that allows you to download and install software programs).  If you're unsure of this, or these instructions don't work, please check with your local system administrator, manager, or director.

These links take you to web-browser-specific instructions for downloading and installing the Evergreen staff client.  If you use another web browser or an earlier version of one of these two options, the instructions should still be useful.  If not, please contact PINES staff.

Staff Client Autoupdate:

Most PINES libraries have chosen to take advantage of the Evergreen Staff Client's autoupdate feature. After an upgrade, when the PINES server becomes available, simply double-click on the existing Evergreen icon and follow the prompts to update the software.

Staff Client Downloads for Manual Installation:

Staff Client Manual Installation Instructions:

The instructions below were written for Evergreen 2.1, but the process has not changed.

Installing Test Versions:

Evergreen Workstation Profiles: