2004 PINES Annual Membership Meeting


Georgia Library PINES Annual Membership Meeting

May 19, 2004
Macon State College – Warner Robins Campus Auditorium
Warner Robins, GA

Minutes approved 5/19/05

Microsoft Word Version (original)

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Greg Heid at 1:05 PM who welcomed everyone to the Annual Membership Meeting.  He recognized Judy Golden for hosting the meeting, who in turn, thanked her staff for all their hard work.  Committee members present were:  Greg Heid, Alan Kaye, Susan Cooley, Lyn Hopper, Debbie Manget, Dusty Gres, Diana Tope, Steve Schaefer, and Teresa Haymore.  PINES Staff present were:  Julie Walker, David Singleton, Elizabeth McKinney de Garcia, Katherine Gregory, Michael Imsand, Brad LaJeunesse, Jason Etheridge, and Bin Lin.

Julie Walker requested a roll call of the library systems present.

Greg Heid announced the Executive Committee election results.  The new members are:  Teresa Cole (representing Medium libraries), Jim Darby and Jim Cooper (at-large representatives). These new members will replace Greg Heid, Debbie Manget and Diana Tope as they rotate off the committee.  Greg thanked all those who agreed to run for the positions.


Susan Cooley moved and Roberta Wilder seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the May 29, 2003 Annual Meeting with the correction of the date from 2002 to 2003. The motion was passed.


David Singleton reported on the PINES budget.  It was noted that $1 million was funded from the FY2004 Supplemental Budget and $900,000 from the FY2005 Budget. PINES will continue to ask for the full $1.2 million. (Handout)


1)    ILS Vendor Meetings and Demos – Julie – Katherine Gregory, Julie Walker and Susan Cooley attended the SIRSI Super Conference. The current contract with SIRSI ends on June 30, 2005. It can be extended if no other vendor has been chosen at that time.  SIRSI 2004 upgrades would require vast changes, including much retraining and hardware upgrades.  There is also discussion about developing a system “in house”. (See Handout with requirements)
2)    Delivery Service Options – Julie – The bids have been out for two weeks. The pickups and deliveries will be at headquarters libraries only and will be done during business hours/five days per week.  They have requested a “per stop” price that could be available for purchase to branch libraries. 18,000 new mailing bags have been ordered.
3)    PINES User Survey – Julie – (Handout) #1 request- Patrons want to place holds on statewide materials. #1 complaint – No AV holds.
4)    Training Report – Elizabeth – Continuing, K-level cataloging, In 2003, trained 147 staff, 529 people, 13 libraries inventory (Michael will come if we need him)
5)    Overdue Report – Elizabeth – (Handout) Still less than national average -2%
6)    Overdue Notices – Elizabeth – There will be a new format for overdue notices, 8.5X11 sheet with spaces for 14 titles. There will be a test period, outsourcing.
7)    De-duplication Project – Brad – On hold since authority work. Lois will help.
8)    Authority Control Project – Brad – Went very well. Overlaid entire database. 1.6 million titles. Will be done quarterly.
9)    OCLC – Brad – 312,756 titles, quarterly updates, deletions (Dusty), significant work.
10)    Server Options – Brad – Hard drive storage, replace hard drives and server (5 years old), chassis (processor and memory) within next six months, will be faster and more reliable, lease/finance options being checked, maybe move server from GSU.
11)    PINES Web and Print Resources – Elizabeth – Public portal is running, feedback forwarded, re-designing site, reduce logins, staff reviewing documentation now, “policy name decoder?”
12)    HelpDesk – Michael – Software is two years old, stats, 165 tickets (2002), 133 tickets (2003), 85 tickets (as of Apr. 2004). Less questions.
13)    Software Development – Jason – IT Staff at GPLS will be working together. Web-based reporting enhancements.
14)    Maintenance Reports – Katherine – Available at website knowledge base, some reports should be run consistently (intransits, unfilled holds, etc.)
15)    Enhanced Cataloging Status – Bin – Over 6 million records in OCLC bibliographic database. Have passed the test for three formats. 45,000 members, Only Emory, UGA and PINES have this status in Georgia.
16)    PINES Equipment – David – Some remaining funds will be used to purchase barcode scanners, receipt printers, and an extra laptop for all bookmobiles. The Gates Sustainability Grant ($1.6 mil) will replace approximately one-third of the public-access computers. GPLS will be requesting $2 million for technical upgrades, possibly to be on a 3-year cycle.


Julie reviewed the action items from the morning Executive Committee Meeting, as follows:

Patron-Placed Holds – Julie – After discussion of allowing patrons to place system-range holds, Debbie Manget moved to table this item until after the courier service is in place.  Steve Schaefer seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

– Katherine – A PINES library submitted a request for a new Item type of GENEALOGY.  It was the consensus of the subcommittees that Home Location could be used to track genealogy items.  Dusty Gres moved that a new Item type of GENEALOGY not be created.  Diana Tope seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

User Profile – BADADDRESS – Julie – In an attempt to solve the problem of how to deal with users who need special attention (such as updated address) and after unsuccessful discussions with SIRSI, the PINES Staff have developed a workable solution.  A new user profile could be created named BADADDRESS or SEENOTES that would allow zero charges.  This profile may be assigned by any library and may be changed by any library once the problem is resolved.  Susan Cooley moved that the new profile (exact name to be determined later) be created.  Alan Kaye seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

Age for ADULT Card Status
– Julie – In addressing an item from the previous meeting, and after receiving a legal opinion from BOR indicating that persons under 18 may not legally be held responsible for fines, Debbie Manget moved that the age to receive a PINES Adult card remain at 18 years of age.  Dusty Gres seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

Outsourcing Cataloging
– Julie – A) The cataloging subcommittee recommended that until further information could be collected from member libraries, current cataloging outsourcing rules be maintained concerning original cataloging by vendors. Debbie Manget moved that this issue be tabled until a cataloging survey is completed.  Steve Schaefer seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

 B) Lyn Hopper moved that Section 8 of the “CAT1 Authorization as an Outsourcing Option for PINES Member Library Systems” be amended as stated in the “Discussion/Action Items Handout”.  Dusty Gres seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

Subcommittee Nominations
– Julie – The following persons were nominated for the subcommittees:
    Cataloging:    Teddy Clark, MRLS
            Gayla Brewer, CHRL
            Sandra Broome, SHRL
            Guojia Jin, OHOOP
            Adrian Mixson, HALL; nominated for re-appointment
    Circulation:    Judy Mays, SJRLS
            Jeff Tomlinson, OHOOP
            Dawn Dale, HALL
    Reports:    Kathryn Youles, SJRLS
            Teresa Pacheco, CRLS
            Roberta Wilder, ECGR
Susan Cooley moved that the nominations be accepted. Lyn Hopper seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.  Everyone thanked those who were rotating off the subcommittees for their dedicated work.

18)    PINES Future Directions – Julie – The previous day, a three-hour “sharing session” was held.  Four library systems attended. The main topic of discussion was a new ILS system.


There was no old business.


After discussion, it was determined that PINES member library directors will be surveyed to assess their interest in serving on a committee to evaluate and select an ILS direction for PINES.  A committee will be formed to assist the PINES Staff in this effort.  It was also determined that PINES member library directors will be surveyed to assess their interest in serving on a GASB34 committee which will assist in developing instructions for completing the PINES/GASB 34 requirements.


Dusty Gres offered extra genealogy materials to anyone interested.  Martha Richardson thanked PINES.  Greg announced that he, Debbie Manget, and Diana Tope would be rotating off the Executive Committee on June 30, 2004.  Everyone thanked Greg for doing an excellent job as Chairperson for this last year.  Greg thanked Debbie and Diana for their service on the committee. Julie requested feedback on the 2-day training format of this meeting.


The next PINES Annual Membership Meeting will be held in the month of May 2005.  Everyone will be notified by e-mail of the exact date and location.

Roberta Wilder entertained all with her song about PINES. Thanks, Roberta!


Mary Beachum moved that the meeting be adjourned.  Dusty Gres seconded the motion and it was passed.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa P. Haymore
Secretary-PINES Executive Committee