Welcome to PINES

PINES Library Card

What is PINES?

PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services) is Georgia’s “borderless library” system that allows PINES card holders free access to books and other materials in 300 library branches and affiliated service outlets throughout the state.


Who can use PINES?

Every resident of Georgia is eligible to receive a free PINES library card, even if your local library system is not a member of the PINES network. Visit any participating PINES library to get started.


What does PINES have to offer you, as a library user?


How does the PINES team assist library staff?

The PINES team assists the employees of all 51 PINES member library systems with PINES-related issues and training on the Evergreen software. We provide documentation on policies and procedures, in-person and online training opportunities, and technical assistance through the Help Desk. Library staff members may also subscribe to the PINES list-servs to join the always-helpful PINES community and keep up to date on issues that other PINES member libraries are facing.


Who manages PINES?

PINES is a program of the Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS), which itself is a unit of the University System of Georgia. Learn more about PINES.