2005 PINES Annual Membership Meeting


PINES Annual Membership & Executive Committee Meeting (Combined)

May 19, 2005
10:00 AM
Macon State College-Warner Robins Campus Auditorium
Warner Robins, GA

Minutes approved 5/18/2006

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Susan Cooley at 10:00 AM.  She thanked Director Judy Golden and Marcia Christy for hosting the meeting.  Committee members present were:  Alan Kaye, Susan Cooley, Lyn Hopper, Dusty Gres, Jim Darby, Jim Cooper, Greg Heid, Steve Schaefer and Teresa Haymore.  PINES Staff present were:  Julie Walker, David Singleton, Elizabeth McKinney de Garcia, Katherine Gregory, Bin Lin, Michael Imsand, Elaine Hardy, Jason Etheridge, Brad LaJeunesse, Bill Ericson, and Mike Rylander. GPLS Staff present were:  David Baker – Communications Director.


Jim Darby moved and Jim Cooper seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the Annual Membership Meeting of May 19, 2004 as presented. The motion was passed unanimously. Jim Darby moved and Greg Heid seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of March 4, 2005 as presented. The motion was passed unanimously.


Julie reported that only $900,000 of the requested $1.25 million was approved by the legislature. The PINES Staff has been looking for savings to balance the budget, such as outsourcing the overdue notices, the courier service (approx. $120,000 savings), and exploring commercial sites to house the server.


New Libraries – Julie – Julie announced that 252 libraries are now PINES members.  The new libraries added in FY 2005 are: Piedmont Regional (branches), Athens Regional (branch), Lee County (branch), Hall County (branch), and Ocmulgee Regional System.

PINES User Satisfaction Survey – Julie – Julie presented the results of the annual User Satisfaction Survey which was conducted on March 22-28. There were 3,914 responses to the survey, as opposed to approximately 2,400 the previous year.  The single biggest request was “patron-placed holds” which was instituted the week before the survey. Another frequent request was that every library in Georgia become a PINES library! Greg requested that the results be posted on the website. (handout)

Training Report
– Katherine – Katherine reported that different staff members have conducted individualized training for systems which totaled 47 libraries and 216 hours on various topics.  Three Open Forums were also conducted. At this annual meeting, 242 persons were trained.

Overdue Report & Notices
– Elizabeth – (handout) Elizabeth distributed the list of materials that are up to 180 days overdue and an annual summary. She reported that the overdue notices are ready to go out for bid today.

Delivery Service
- Elizabeth – Elizabeth reported that there have been isolated reports of problems (Houston, Southeast Georgia and Middle Georgia), but overall, Velocity is working out very well. Over 22,000 items are shipped each day. Some additional PINES bags are being purchased.  She noted that several of the branch libraries have contracted individually to receive delivery service. Steve Schaefer suggested a survey to determine the success rate of the service and tracking.

De-duplication Project – Bin Lin – Bin Lin reported on the new de-dup interface created by Brad and Jason that is being used to clean-up the database before changing to the new software. She thanked all those catalogers who have been helping with the project and presented them with certificates of appreciation.

– Bin Lin – Bin Lin reported that she has completed the CD cataloging project and all the records (over 1,700) are in PINES now. She has been conducting OCLC-Connexion training. All systems will be trained by June. The outsourcing of original cataloging is being piloted by Hall County Library System through May and will be evaluated at the next meeting.

– Julie – The combined IT and PINES HelpDesk is working very well. The “pine-tree” password allows log-in into the “Resources” section. (http://help.georgialibraries.org) Since the combined HelpDesk opened in February, there have been 489 IT tickets and 270 PINES tickets. 

Software Development – Julie – Julie reported that the attendees were able to view the pre-alpha release of the circ client yesterday. Brad and Jason presented an abbreviated “Evergreen” demo to the group (handouts). December 2005 will be the pre-data release and the final opportunity for input.  The data release is scheduled for February 2006. The migration to the new software is scheduled for September 2006.

Reports – Katherine– Katherine discussed a new report entitled the “Patron Unpaid Bill List”. She reported that PINES will be running the required reports for the Annual Report (handout). Foreign language materials need to be added to the list.

Susan Cooley asked for a “Roll Call” of the libraries represented at the meeting.


  1. PINES ID Requirement – Julie - A PINES library requested that Social Security number be the only choice for ALT ID.  They also proposed that PINES libraries have available a statement confirming that PINES information is confidential and can only be revealed by a court order and that PINES staff are governed by a Confidentiality Agreement.  The subcommittee voted 18-1 against this proposal. Lyn Hopper moved and Jim Darby seconded the motion to accept the subcommittee recommendation to NOT approve the request.  Dusty Gres requested an amendment to the motion proposing that a consistent format be developed for entering SS or DL numbers so they may be more easily identified on the record and that the Circulation Subcommittee be charged with this task. Lyn and Jim accepted the amendment to the motion. The motion with amendment passed unanimously.
  2. Holds Limit – Julie – A PINES library has proposed a limit of 5 holds per user card. Subsequent subcommittee discussion has resulted in two counter-proposals: a limit of 25 holds per user card and NO limit on holds (current policy).  After extensive discussion, Jim Darby moved to maintain the current policy of unlimited holds. Jim Cooper seconded.  Motion carried with Dusty Gres casting a “NAY” vote.
  3. Subcommittee Nominations – Julie – The following persons were nominated for the respective committees: 
    Circulation-Debbie Phillips (MRLS), Angie Burns (SHRL)
    Acquisitions-Leslie St. John (NCLS)
    Training/Documentation-Jennifer Durham (STRL), Billy Tripp (PPL), Mary Beachum (ECGRL)
    Cataloging-Holly Bowden (ARL), Bonnie Boatright (JCL), Barry Reese (TLLS)

    Greg Heid moved the proposed slate be approved. Dusty Gres seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

  4. Outsourcing Original Cataloging – Julie – At the March meeting, Hall County volunteered to do a 3-month pilot project for the outsourcing of original cataloging, with the intention of reconsideration of this question at the Annual Meeting.  Hall County completed the pilot project with Ingram (Baker & Taylor is in progress).  Bin Lin has found the results to be acceptable. The library is now seeking full approval for outsourcing of original cataloging, limited to the three formats that PINES can edit in OCLC, with training required according to established guidelines.  Jim Cooper moved to allow the outsourcing of original cataloging. Jim Darby seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Susan Cooley announced the results of the election. The new members of the PINES Executive Committee are:

  • Frances Messer (At-Large)
  • Diana Tope (Medium Library)
  • Claire Leavy (Small Library)
  • Lois Roberts (Large Library)
  • Carolyn Fuller (At-Large)

The terms of Greg Heid, Teresa Haymore, Alan Kaye, and Susan Cooley will expire June 30, 2005. Jim Darby will be retiring as Director and will be replaced on the Committee by Carolyn Fuller. Susan thanked everyone for their service to PINES. Dusty Gres will be the new Chair.


There was no old business.


Julie Walker requested a formal motion to proceed with the development of the new ILS system, “Evergreen”.  Jim Darby moved to proceed with the development and Steve Schaefer seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Gary Swint requested that a statewide collection agency process be discussed at the next meeting.

Susan Whittle requested a “Top 50” List of PINES circulation (fiction and non-fiction).

Congratulations to Brad LaJeunesse for his ”moving and shaking” appearance in Library Journal!

The next PINES Executive Committee Meeting is scheduled for August 2005 at West Georgia Regional Library.


Jim Darby moved the meeting be adjourned.  Steve Schaefer seconded the motion and it passed unanimously

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa P. Haymore
Secretary-PINES Executive Committee