2012 PINES Annual Membership Meeting


Georgia Library PINES Annual Membership Meeting

DRAFT Minutes - Microsoft Word Version [original]
May 9, 2012; 1:00 PM
Peachtree City, GA

I. Call to Order                            Barry Reese, Chair

Chair Barry Reese called meeting to order at 1 PM.

II. Welcome                            Barry Reese, Chair

Barry welcomed everyone and thanked Carrie Zeiger and the Flint River Library staff for hosting the meeting.

III. Roll Call                             Elizabeth McKinney

Member libraries represented at the meeting were:  Athens, Brooks, Cherokee, Chestatee, Clayton, Coastal Plain, Conyers-Rockdale, Dougherty,  Elbert, Fitzgerald-Ben Hill, Flint River, Hall, Hart County, Henry, Houston, Jefferson, Kinchafoonee, Lake Blackshear, Mountain, Newton, Northeast Georgia, Northwest Georgia, Piedmont, Pine Mountain, Roddenbery, Sara Hightower, Screven-Jenkins, South Georgia, Statesboro, Three Rivers, Twin Lakes and Worth.    
Elizabeth  announced the number of members present constituted a quorum.

IV. Approval of the Annual Membership Meeting Minutes of May 4, 2011.  

The minutes had been made available on the PINES website prior to the meeting.  Carrie Zeiger moved the May 4, 2011 minutes be approved.  The motion was seconded and passed.

V. PINES Staff Reports                        

  • Budget/5 year plan – Elizabeth McKinney stated the budget is funded at $1.17 million.  Plans are for reports development, holds redesign and other projects they haven’t been able to work on for the past few years.
  • Staffing – Elizabeth – Staff is currently at 5 ½ employees.  Still five open positions, three are funded; two not.
  • Evergreen Conference- Elizabeth.  300 attended.  There are now more than 1,000 Evergreen sites internationally.
  • Database Cleanup, Acquisitions and Inventory Module-Elaine Hardy.  Response of db cleanup very positive.  They have asked for LSTA money to do a second phase of the cleanup.  The Acquisitions working group has tested the interface, but there are too many issues for PINES to implement at this point.  PINES staff is preparing instructions for a no-frills inventory.
  • Governor’s mansion project – Elaine.  Will be cataloging the collection at the governor’s mansion using a stand-alone version of PINES. They were not able to obtain grant money to hire catalogers, so will be soliciting cataloging volunteers.  
  • Software Upgrade Update; Beyond the Bucket – Chris Sharp. The bucket project is complete.  The new hardware environment is in place.  Software repository containing the PINES-specific version of Evergreen.  Created custom software packages of Evergreen and its dependencies.  Server installation script.  New system administration staff.
  • Training and Documentation/PINES U – Chris.  They plan on developing an online one-stop training website for both staff and patron training.  This will be in addition to on-site training.
  • Courier, Group Order and Helpdesk- Dawn Dale.  12 courier claims out of 722,279 holds items in the past year.  Creative data will honor the current price for three years on barcodes.  There will be no group orders during this time.  Over 1,800 help desk tickets were handled in past year.
  • Statistical Reports – Overdue report and inter-PINES loan reports were presented.
  • Cataloger Training, RDA – Bin Lin – Cat I copy cataloging training is still mandatory training.  Send Bin a note if this needs to be done.  The training takes 1 ½ days.  Concentration on OCLC and some PINES.  Other PINES training is up to local cataloger.   A training session is offered about every other month, unless the person wants to go to the GPLS office.  RDA- new cataloging rules standard.  Will replace AACR2.  Library of Congress will implement it by March 31, 2013.  It is extremely complex.
  • Cage Move and Hardware- Daniel Zeiger – has taken old hardware to reuse for backups, governor’s mansion project, etc.  The new cage contains much more room for expansion.
  • Annual Survey Results and Comparison – Elizabeth. 800 users responded, significantly lower than last year.  Answers very consistent with those of the previous year.

VI. Membership Action Items

A. PINES Bag Purchases-Rate for Next Purchase – Elizabeth McKinney – presented estimate of bags cost.  Kathie Ames moved to not purchase bags this year.  The motion was seconded and passed.

VII. Executive Committee Election Results    

Barry Reese announced the election results: Small libraries – Sandy Hester; Medium libraries– Dusty Gres and Anne Isbell;  At large – Karen Odom

VIII. Old Business


IX. New Business


X. Issues/Requests/Discussion/Reports from the Membership

Kathie Ames asked about cloud computing.  It was suggested that she bring it up with Emily Almond tomorrow at the Directors’ meeting.

XI. Next Meeting

May, 2013 meeting in Athens.  From 1PM – 3PM on the Wednesday before the Directors’ Meeting.

XII. Adjournment

Anne Isbell moved for adjournment.  The motion was seconded and passed.