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 |ARL|All locations|Athens Regional Library System|10/​10/​10| |ARL|All locations|Athens Regional Library System|10/​10/​10|
 |ARCPLS|All locations|Augusta-Richmond County Public Library|5/​5/​5| |ARCPLS|All locations|Augusta-Richmond County Public Library|5/​5/​5|
 +|AZRLS|All locations|Azalea Regional Library System|10/​10/​10|
 |BROOK|All locations|Brooks County Public Library|0/​0/​0| |BROOK|All locations|Brooks County Public Library|0/​0/​0|
 |BTRL|All locations|Bartram Trail Regional Library|10/​10/​10| |BTRL|All locations|Bartram Trail Regional Library|10/​10/​10|
Line 62: Line 63:
 |TLLS|All locations|Twin Lakes Library System|10/​10/​10| |TLLS|All locations|Twin Lakes Library System|10/​10/​10|
 |TRRLS|All locations|Three Rivers Regional Library|5/​5/​5| |TRRLS|All locations|Three Rivers Regional Library|5/​5/​5|
-|URRLS|All locations|Uncle Remus Regional Library System|10/​10/​10| 
 |WGRL|All locations|West Georgia Regional Library|3/​3/​3| |WGRL|All locations|West Georgia Regional Library|3/​3/​3|
 |WORTH|All locations|Worth County Library System|0/​0/​0| |WORTH|All locations|Worth County Library System|0/​0/​0|
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