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PINES Circulation Policies and Procedures Manual

PINES libraries have uniform circulation policies and procedures. According to the PINES Executive Committee, this is a condition of participation [1999.05]. The procedures outlined herein represent the decisions of the PINES Executive Committee. Some procedures will remain under local control, varying with the specific situation of each library or library system. Individual patron abuse of general PINES policies may be addressed at the local level by the system director [2012.03].

PINES Circulation Policies are approved by the PINES Executive Committee with input by the PINES Subcommittees and the PINES Library System Directors. Any PINES Library System Director may suggest a change to the existing policy to the Executive Committee for review.

About This Manual

This manual is based on the 2003 version of the PINES Circulation Policies and Procedures Manual that contained complete descriptions of procedures in the existing automation system. The document was brought up to date with references to Evergreen and completely revised in 2010 by a dedicated workgroup made up of representatives of PINES member libraries. Since then, it has been updated regularly to accommodate policy changes, new procedures due to changes in the software, and additional information. In July of 2017, the manual was moved from a standard Word document format to a Wiki format in order to improve change tracking.

About the 2010 PINES Circulation Policies & Procedures Project


The policy has been edited with bracketed inline annotations (e.g., “[2014.05]”) which refer to the year and month of the Executive Committee meeting at which the policy was decided. Only meetings where an action item resulted in a policy addition or change are referenced. Discussion items or PINES staff reports are not referenced.

Meeting Agendas and Notes

Downloadable PDF of This Manual

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